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Liquids Pipelines

Enbridge is Canada’s largest transporter of crude oil, with approximately 24,613 kilometres (15,294 miles) of crude pipeline, delivering on average more than 2.2 million barrels per day of crude oil and liquids.

100% owned and operated by Enbridge and its affiliates except where less than full ownership/operatorship is indicated. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) information about Enbridge’s pipelines located in the United States is available on www.enbridgeus.com.

The following map outlines the Enbridge crude oil network (click here to view/download 268K JPG)

(To view commodity receipt and routing details for Enbridge's Mainline Network, please see the Enbridge Mainline Service Levels page)




 Start Point

 End Point



Athabasca Pipeline (Enbridge regional oil sands system)

540 km (335 miles) Fort McMurray, Alberta Hardisty, Alberta

345,000 bpd
(expanding to 570,000 bpd) 

Enbridge Inc.

Chicap Pipeline***

329 km
(205 miles)

Patoka, Illinois Chicago, Illinois 360,000 bpd Enbridge Inc. (43.8%)

Frontier Pipeline*

465 km (289 miles) Salt Lake City, Utah Casper, Wyoming 62,200 bpd Enbridge Inc. (77.8%)

Louisiana Liquids Pipeline

68 km
(42.3 miles)
Chalmette, Louisiana (St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana) Bayou Perot, Louisiana (Jefferson Parish, Louisiana) 20,000 bpd  Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P

Mustang Pipeline**

345 km (215 miles) Chicago, Illinois Patoka, Illinois 100,000 bpd Enbridge Inc. (30%)

Olympic Pipeline***

 465 km (289 miles) Blaine, Washington Portland, Oregon 290,000 bpd Enbridge Inc. (85%)

Southern Lights Pipeline

  2,556 km (1,588 miles) Manhattan, Illinois Edmonton, Alberta 180,000 bpd Enbridge Inc.

News and Information

Tinsley Pipeline

61 km
(38 miles)
Tinsley, Mississippi (Yazoo County, Mississippi) Mayersville, Mississippi (Issaquena County, Mississippi) 12,400 bpd Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P

Ozark Pipeline

700 km (435 miles) Cushing, Oklahoma Wood River, Illinois 215,000 bpd Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P

Toledo Pipeline

141 km
(88 miles)
Stockbridge, Michigan     Oregon, Ohio 100,000 bpd Enbridge Inc.

Waupisoo Pipeline (Enbridge regional oil sands system)

385 km (237 miles) Cheecham Terminal (Alberta) Edmonton Mainline Terminal (Alberta) 550,000 bpd Enbridge Inc.



 Name  Length & Details Location   Capacity  Ownership

Enbridge Pipelines (NW) Inc.

870 km
(540 miles)
Norman Wells, Northwest Territories to Zama, Alberta 39,400 bpd Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Saskatchewan System (1)

388 km
(241 miles)
Southeastern Saskatchewan and Southwestern Manitoba 339,000 bpd Enbridge Income Fund

Enbridge System (Canadian Mainline)

2,306 km
(1,433 miles)
*Mainline Configuration & Capacities
Edmonton, Alberta to Montreal, Quebec
*Line ends at Gretna, MB and starts again in Sarnia, ON
2.5 million bpd (combination with Lakehead System) Enbridge Inc.

Line 9 Reversal Phase I Information

Line 9B Reversal Information

Alberta Clipper Information

Lakehead System (U.S. Mainline)

 3,057 km
(1,900 miles)
*Mainline Configuration & Capacities
Neche, North Dakota to Chicago, Illinois
*Plus extension across the Niagara River into the Buffalo, New York area
2.5 million bpd (combination with Canadian System) Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.

North Dakota System

1561 km
(970 miles)
Plentywood, Montana to Clearbrook, Minnesota 210,000 bpd
(from Minot, ND to Clearbrook, MN)
Enbridge Energy Partners, L.P.

Spearhead System

1,050 km
(650 miles)
Flanagan, Illinois to Cushing, Oklahoma 193,300 bpd Enbridge Inc.

Seaway Crude Pipeline System

805 km
(500 miles)
Cushing, Oklahoma to Houston, Texas once reversal project is complete 150,000 bpd Enbridge Inc. (50%)†

*Operated by Pacific Energy Partners L.P.
**Jointly operated by ExxonMobil
***Operated by BP

†Operated by Enterprise Products Partners L.P.

(1) Comprised of the Saskatchewan Gathering, Westpur, Virden and Weyburn Pipeline systems
(2) Comprised of the Ozark pipeline and storage terminals at Cushing, OK and El Dorado, Kansas


Enbridge Companies


Enbridge Gas Distribution

Canada's largest gas distribution company. Serving 1.9 million customers in Ontario, Quebec and New York State.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

Distributing natural gas to institutional, commercial, industrial and residential customers across nine New Brunswick communities.

ENB company image

Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc. (ENB) is a publicly-traded corporation on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges.

Enbridge U.S.

Enbridge's U.S. operations - a leader in energy transportation in the Midwest, Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

Enbridge Energy Partners

A U.S. master limited partnership with oil and gas delivery assets.

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (EIFH) is a publicly-traded Canadian Corporation that invests in low-risk energy infrastructure assets.

Enbridge Technology

Provides pipeline and natural gas distribution consulting and training services internationally.

Midcoast Energy Partners

Midcoast Energy Partners

Midcoast Energy Partners (MEP) serves as EEP’s primary vehicle for owning and growing its natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) midstream business in the U.S.


Emergency Contacts

Pipeline Emergencies


Enbridge Pipelines Inc. (incl. Norman Wells Pipeline)
Enbridge Pipelines (Saskatchewan) Inc.
Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca) Inc.

Natural Gas Emergencies in Ontario

Enbridge Gas Distribution Customers


Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Eastern Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Pembina County, North Dakota:
1 (800) 858-5253

North Dakota, Eastern Montana, Polk County, Minnesota:
1 (888) 838-4545

Texas, Western Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas:
1 (888) 650-8099

Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico:
1 (877) 548-1800

Western Montana (electric transmission line):
1 (888) 780-8831