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Understanding the Pipeline Right-of-Way

Enbridge’s pipeline system is an extensive network of buried pipelines and above-ground facilities such as storage tanks, pumping and compressor stations.

The system crosses thousands of properties as it travels across the continent.

A right-of-way (ROW) is a strip of land usually between 18 metres (60 feet) and 36 metres (120 feet) wide, containing one or more pipelines. The ROW:

  • Allows our workers access for inspection, maintenance, testing or in an emergency.
  • Identifies an area where certain activities are prohibited to protect public safety and the integrity of the pipeline.

While permanent pipeline markers are located at roads, railways and other intervals along the ROW, these show only the approximate location of the buried pipelines. The depth and location of the pipelines vary within the ROW. The ROW exists in many kinds of ecosystems from river crossings and cultivated fields to sub-Arctic tundra and urban areas. Because of this, there is no distinct look to the ROW.

Pipeline rights-of-way are acquired from landowners, other utilities or government entities by obtaining an easement, permit, license, or, in limited cases, through purchase.


Enbridge Companies


Enbridge Gas Distribution

Canada's largest gas distribution company. Serving 1.9 million customers in Ontario, Quebec and New York State.

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

Enbridge Gas New Brunswick

Distributing natural gas to institutional, commercial, industrial and residential customers across nine New Brunswick communities.

ENB company image

Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc. (ENB) is a publicly-traded corporation on the New York and Toronto stock exchanges.

Enbridge U.S.

Enbridge's U.S. operations - a leader in energy transportation in the Midwest, Mid-Continent and Gulf Coast regions of the United States.

Enbridge Energy Partners

A U.S. master limited partnership with oil and gas delivery assets.

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings

Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc. (EIFH) is a publicly-traded Canadian Corporation that invests in low-risk energy infrastructure assets.

Enbridge Technology

Provides pipeline and natural gas distribution consulting and training services internationally.

Midcoast Energy Partners

Midcoast Energy Partners

Midcoast Energy Partners (MEP) serves as EEP’s primary vehicle for owning and growing its natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) midstream business in the U.S.


Emergency Contacts

Pipeline Emergencies


Enbridge Pipelines Inc. (incl. Norman Wells Pipeline)
Enbridge Pipelines (Saskatchewan) Inc.
Enbridge Pipelines (Athabasca) Inc.

Natural Gas Emergencies in Ontario

Enbridge Gas Distribution Customers


Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Eastern Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Pembina County, North Dakota:
1 (800) 858-5253

North Dakota, Eastern Montana, Polk County, Minnesota:
1 (888) 838-4545

Texas, Western Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arkansas:
1 (888) 650-8099

1 (877) 548-1800

Western Montana (electric transmission line):
1 (888) 780-8831