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Line 79 Pipeline System

Line 79 Pipeline Project

Enbridge Toledo extends its appreciation to the residents of Michigan: The Line 79 Pipeline System Project is complete and in-service as of March 2013. Enbridge is now in the land restoration phase along the line.

Project Overview

In response to the market demand for increased pipeline capacity, Enbridge Pipelines (Toledo) Inc. ("Enbridge Toledo") developed the Line 79 Pipeline System Project for the transportation of crude oil and petroleum in the state of Michigan. Designated as Line 79, the pipeline system originates near the city of Stockbridge, Michigan, and extends east and south, terminating at a new meter station site near the city of Romulus, Michigan (see overview map). Line 79 consists of approximately 64 miles of new and existing pipeline, which includes the following:

  • Construction completed of approximately 35 miles of new 20-inch pipeline from Stockbridge to Freedom Junction;
  • Leasing of approximately 29 miles of existing 16-inch Wolverine pipeline from Freedom Junction to Romulus; and
  • Installation of certain new station facilities at the existing Stockbridge and Freedom Junction Stations, and at a new meter station site near the city of Romulus.

The rising demand for increased pipeline capacity is a direct result of certain expansion or efficiency projects by refineries in Michigan and Ohio. These refinery projects require additional supplies of heavy crude oil and periodic supplies of light crude oil. Line 79 is designed to handle an average flow rate of 80,000 barrels per day, and provides a cost-effective transportation solution to meet the energy needs of Michigan residents and other regional consumers. The estimated Project cost is $190 million.


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