Big Foot Oil Pipeline

The Big Foot Oil Pipeline project consists of a 20-inch-diameter offshore crude oil pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico, traveling 40 miles (64 km) from the Big Foot ultra-deep water development.

Under agreements with Chevron, Statoil Gulf of Mexico LLC and Marubeni Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., Enbridge is constructing a 64-kilometre (40-mile) 20-inch oil pipeline with capacity of 100,000 bpd from the Big Foot ultra-deep water development in the Gulf of Mexico. This crude oil pipeline project is complementary to Enbridge's undertaking of the Walker Ridge Gas Gathering System (WRGGS) construction. Upon completion of the project, Enbridge will operate the Big Foot Pipeline, located approximately 274 kilometres (170 miles) south of the coast of Louisiana.

The estimated capital cost of the project is approximately US$0.2 billion, and is expected to enter service in the fourth quarter of 2015 to align with the availability of production.

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Project overview:

  • Type: Offshore crude oil pipeline
  • Status: Under construction
  • Length: 40 miles (64 km)
  • Expected in-service date: Late 2015
  • Expected initial capacity: 100,000 barrels per day
  • Expected to transport: Crude oil
  • Estimated capital cost: $200 million