Line 3 Replacement Project (U.S.): Project details
See regulatory information, timelines, maps and more for the American portion of Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Program.
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Top 10 Reasons the L3RP is vital to Minnesota and the Midwest
Enbridge’s system is the exclusive pipeline source of crude supply for Minnesota refineries . . . and that's just one reason.
‘Enbridge is doing the responsible thing’ by replacing Line 3
Infrastructure under continuous maintenance needs replacement, Minnesotans tell PUC hearing process
A private investment, with many prosperous returns
Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project will create immediate economic benefits for Minnesota communities
Without the L3RP, ‘we’ll still be using oil in the future—it’ll just cost more’
Project would ensure a safe, affordable and reliable energy source for Minnesotans
Line 3 Deactivation
Following project completion, Enbridge will continue to monitor the deactivated pipeline and maintain the right-of-way.
L3RP U.S. infographic: The big picture
Find out what the American portion of the L3RP will mean in terms of jobs, labor income, tax revenue, and the U.S. economy.
Line 3 Replacement Project: Testimonial videos
Find out what U.S. landowners, industry partners, pipeline workers, elected officials, union members and neighbors have to say about the project.
Enbridge expansions: What's in it for Minnesota?
Economic growth, local and regional benefits, and reliable energy.
Fact sheets and brochures
Find out more about our projects, our operations, our commitment to safety, and our community involvement.
Why Minnesota needs the Line 3 Replacement Project
Enbridge submits rebuttal testimony before Public Utilities Commission hearings
On Topic
Find out why local businesses support pipeline projects, and get answers to FAQs on our Minnesota projects.
Enbridge and the Line 3 Replacement Project: Creating jobs, strengthening communities
Superior Mayor Jim Paine: ‘They are a member of this community, and they act like it’
Line 3 Replacement Project protects the environment, while enhancing the economy
From extensive surveying work to environmental management practices, L3RP minimizes impacts to land
A private investment, with many prosperous returns
Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project will create immediate economic benefits for Minnesota communities
The lifecycle of an Enbridge pipeline

With proper design, construction, operation and maintenance, pipelines have a very long life. The safety of people, and protection of the environment, is our top priority throughout the entire pipeline lifecycle.

Pipeline construction: Safety and the environment

Safety and reliability are built into Enbridge's energy infrastructure before, during and after the construction process.

Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project: Actively listening to landowners
Public input has helped refine a route that minimizes potential impact to people and the environment
Community investment

Everyone's Safety.

Everyone's Environment.

Everyone's Community.

Ecofootprint Grant Program

Enbridge's Ecofootprint Grant Program funds grassroots projects near our Line 3 Replacement Project right-of-way that help protect and restore the natural environment.

Earning those conservation wings, one acre at a time
Minnesota Land Trust, Audubon protect bird habitat along Mississippi Flyway
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Enbridge's Intelligent Valve Placement (IVP): Illustrations
Isolation valves are used to control or halt the flow of crude oil and other liquids, and represent an invaluable piece of safety equipment on a pipeline system.
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Minnesota needs the L3RP, and we need you

Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project will provide good jobs, tax revenue and benefits to local communities—and it’ll also help ensure continued reliable delivery of the energy we all use.

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