Energy sustainability at Enbridge

Moving toward a lower-carbon energy future

Life takes energy. It heats our homes, fuels our transportation and lights up our cities. 

Our role at Enbridge is to ensure we meet society’s need for secure energy supply—while, at the same time, reducing emissions and protecting the environment. We recognize that climate change is a global issue, and as the world transitions to more low-carbon energy sources, we believe that Enbridge is uniquely positioned to succeed and grow—both as North America’s leading distributor of oil and natural gas, and as a major player in the renewable energy business.

From our initial investment in a Saskatchewan wind farm, more than a decade ago, Enbridge’s renewable portfolio has grown to nearly $5 billion, with assets ranging from Sarnia Solar, one of Canada’s largest solar projects, to Neal Hot Springs, Oregon’s first commercial geothermal power facility. As one of Canada’s largest renewable energy companies, with nearly 2,000 MW of net capacity, our goal is to double our renewable generating capacity by 2019.

But the transition to a low-carbon future is about more than renewable investments. 

Enbridge’s sustainability strategy in action
We're taking measurable steps, as a company, toward a lower-carbon future

We’re also growing our natural gas business as a bridge fuel to a lower carbon economy mix.  Natural gas has great potential as a lower-carbon alternative for electricity generation. Of equal importance, it complements the growth of renewable energy through its ability to address intermittency. As owners of the largest natural gas distribution franchise in Canada, and the largest natural gas pipeline and processing system to the Gulf Coast, Enbridge continues to expand the availability of natural gas in North America, which is crucial to making the transition to low-carbon energy both feasible and cost competitive. On the consumption side of the equation—which is also critical to lowering emissions—our natural gas franchise has worked with customers to conserve 18 million tonnes of emissions since 1995, the equivalent of taking approximately 3.5 million cars off the road for a year.

We’re also working to reduce the environmental footprint of our pipeline business. Our pipelines infrastructure, the largest in North America, provides a firm foundation for North American energy supply, as well as feedstock for the manufacture of products essential to everyday life. In meeting those needs, we’ll continue to enhance the efficiency and reliability of this system, focus on reducing our own emissions and publicly disclosing our progress. We’ll also continue to advocate for carbon pricing policies that reduce consumption and provide incentive for investment in technology and innovation.

Our purpose at Enbridge is simple—we help fuel people’s quality of life. Whether it's oil, natural gas or renewable power, we connect millions of people with the energy they need, and want, to fuel their everyday lives. 

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