Natural gas distribution


Enbridge Gas Distribution is Canada’s largest gas distribution utility, and one of the fastest-growing such enterprises in North America. Enbridge Gas Distribution has been delivering energy for over 165 years, and serves more than two million customers in central and eastern Ontario. Enbridge Gas Distribution owns St. Lawrence Gas, which serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers in upstate New York.

Blue-chip potential for Enbridge Gas Distribution's blue-flame business
An investor bulletin from 2015 Enbridge Day (Part 4)

Enbridge Inc. owns Enbridge Gas New Brunswick, which holds the natural gas distribution franchise in the province of New Brunswick, and Gazifère, a natural gas distributor in Quebec, which serves residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Gatineau region. Enbridge Inc. also holds 38.89 per cent of Noverco Inc., which holds a majority interest in Gaz Métro Limited Partnership, the major distributor of natural gas in Quebec.

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