Renewable energy


At Enbridge, we take great pride in meeting our primary responsibility of safely and reliably delivering oil and natural gas to people across North America. The products we deliver are used to heat homes, power transportation systems, and provide fuel and feedstock for industries. At the same time, we recognize that our relationship with hydrocarbons comes with great responsibility. As society looks to greater use of green energy over the long term, we must lead the way now in supporting these naturally occurring sources that are continually replenished.

Since our initial investment in a wind farm in 2002, we've invested approximately $5.4 billion in wind, solar, geothermal, power transmission, waste heat recovery, and a host of other emerging technology projects. Together, these projects – either operating, planned or under construction – have the capacity to generate more than 3,000 megawatts (MW) gross of zero-emission energy (more than 2,200 MW net). Today, Enbridge is one of the largest renewable energy companies in Canada, and our portfolio of renewable energy projects is diversified and growing.

To date, we’ve invested in:

17 wind farms (more than 2,800 MW gross capacity, either in operation, planned or under construction);
Four solar energy operations (150 MW gross capacity);
Five waste heat recovery facilities (34 MW gross capacity);
geothermal project (23 MW capacity);
A hydroelectric facility (2 MW capacity).

‘The business case for renewables only gets stronger’
Our green energy investments: Good for the bottom line, good for the environment

Together, our renewable projects represent more than 3,000 MW (gross) of green power capacity. By 2018, that'll be enough to meet the electricity needs of 1,103,200 homesbased on gross generation figuresthrough projects either in operation, planned or under construction.

View our interactive map to learn more detailed information about Enbridge’s renewable energy assets.

100% owned and operated by Enbridge and its affiliates, except where less than full ownership/operatorship is indicated.

SunBridge June 2002 11 Enbridge Income Fund (50%)* 4,200
Magrath April 2004 30 Enbridge Income Fund (33%)* 10,700
Chin Chute September 2006 30 Enbridge Income Fund (33%)* 12,000
Enbridge Ontario Wind April 2009 190 Enbridge Income Fund* (100%)* 57,000
Talbot November 2009 99 Enbridge Income Fund* (100%)* 36,600
Greenwich March 2010 99 Enbridge Income Fund* (100%)* 34,600
Cedar Point June 2010 250 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 63,400
Lac-Alfred December 2011 308 Enbridge Inc. (67.5%)* 62,000
Massif du Sud December 2012 154 Enbridge Inc. (80%)* 31,700
Blackspring Ridge April 2013 300 Enbridge Inc. (50%)* 119,000
Saint-Robert-Bellarmin July 2013 82 Enbridge Inc. (50%) 16,700
Keechi Wind January 2014 110 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 33,300
Magic Valley November 2014 202 Enbridge Inc. (80%) 74,800
Wildcat November 2014 200 Enbridge Inc. (80%) 57,800
Rampion Offshore November 2015 400 Enbridge Inc. (24.9%) 315,900
New Creek Wind November 2015 103 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 23,000
Chapman Ranch Wind November 2016 249 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 77,000
Sarnia Solar Project December 2009 80 Enbridge Income Fund (100%)* 14,500
Tilbury Solar Project February 2011 5 Enbridge Income Fund (100%)* 800
Amherstburg II Solar Project February 2011 15 Enbridge Income Fund (100%)* 2,800
Silver State North March 2012 50 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 11,600
Neal Hot Springs August 2010 23 Enbridge Inc. (40%) 18,200
Wasdell Falls August 2010 2 Enbridge Inc. (50%) 1,100
NRGreen 2006, '08 20 Enbridge Income Fund (50%)* 15,000
NRGreen November 2011 14 Enbridge Income Fund (50%)* 9,500
TOTAL   3,024   1,103,200

* We report net generation to align with our financial reporting, and adjust for our company’s investment in the Enbridge Income Fund. Net MWs reflect Enbridge’s net interest in projects through our 89.2 percent interest in the Enbridge Income Fund.