Ted ED: A guide to the energy of the earth

Did you know that energy is neither created nor destroyed?

So where does energy go once we've 'consumed' it? And where did we get it in the first place?

In this Ted Ed video, Joshua M. Sneideman explores how energy cycles through the Earth, from the sun to our food chain to electricity and more.

Ted Ed explains: How do solar panels work?
Could we one day power our lives using only solar energy?
A reality check on renewables

Sir David MacKay explores the numbers behind the shift to sustainable energy at TEDxWarwick.

Energy Matters

In the world's conversation about energy, one point is beyond debate: Energy makes a vital contribution to people's quality of life, to society and to human progress. This is true today, and it will remain true in the future. That's why Energy Matters was created. We believe it's important to equip people with unbiased information so they may form opinions, join the conversation and feel confidence in the work and accomplishments of the energy sector. Energy Matters is an initiative that provides transparent information and perspective on energy. Here, we'll cover a range of topics: the scale of global energy; the ways energy is sourced and produced; current energy technology; forthcoming innovations; the world's future energy needs; and the sustainable sources of energy that will fill them. Because energy matters to everyone, we hope you'll rely on Energy Matters as an ongoing source of balanced information.