Decommissioning Line 10

As part of the Line 10 Westover Segment Replacement Project, we plan to decommission the existing 35-kilometre (21.75-mile) segment of Line 10 in southern Ontario -- running from Enbridge’s Westover Terminal to the Nanticoke Junction in the City of Hamilton.

The decommissioned pipeline segments will be kept in place. 

A decommissioned pipeline is one that is taken out of service safely and permanently, but left in place while other existing or new pipelines in the same right-of-way continue to provide service to end users. Using a traffic analogy, when one lane of a four-lane highway is closed down, traffic still uses the remaining lanes to travel from city to city.

In advance of the potential decommissioning of a line, engineering and environmental assessments are completed in consultation with landowners. 

Check out our infographic for a more detailed look at the decommissioning process.