Wisconsin benefits

Enbridge delivers the energy needed to get Wisconsinites where they’re going.

Since 1949, Enbridge has proudly served the state of Wisconsin. Our commitment to safety and community is at the forefront of everything we do and is rooted in the culture of our 15,000-plus employees and contractors across the U.S. and Canada.

Since establishing operations in Wisconsin in 1949, Enbridge has been committed to safely delivering the energy that fuels our lives. Enbridge helps Wisconsin to meet 100 percent of its refinery capacity needs and 70 percent of Midwest refinery capacity needs through the transportation of oil and natural gas liquids to refineries in the Great Lakes region. This fuel is used locally and regionally every day—to fuel vehicles, heat homes, power manufacturing and grow local economies.

Enbridge’s system meets 100 percent of Wisconsin refinery capacity needs

Coupled with Enbridge’s commitment to safely transporting energy in Wisconsin, is our commitment to local communities across the state. For example, recent expansion and station pipeline enhancements represent more than a $1.4 billion infrastructure investment in Wisconsin, and local Enbridge operations contribute more than $28 million in annual property taxes. Recent expansion projects have also created 500 family-sustaining construction jobs in the state.

Additionally, our Community Investment and Safe Community grant programs assist the financial and supply needs of community organizations, schools, safety professionals, and others groups that work within the communities in which we operate.

With more than 350 employees and contractors in 19 offices across the state dedicated to the safe and reliable transportation of the energy, Enbridge operations in Wisconsin represent a vital link between energy supply and the nation’s energy security along with economic vitality for the state and for the region.

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Wisconsin community

Since 1949, Enbridge’s employees and contractors have lived and worked in communities throughout Wisconsin as colleagues, neighbors, and friends.