Transition and diversification: Enbridge’s 2016 CSR & Sustainability Report

Integrating a shift to lower-carbon energy sources as part of our business strategy

How do you move toward a lower-carbon energy future?

Some would say it’s a multiple-choice format—with an “all-of-the-above” answer.

Today, Enbridge Inc. released its 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability Report, an overview of our performance on key environmental and social issues, online via the website.

Significantly, this year’s report also discusses the shift we’re making toward diversification—specifically, the move toward lower-carbon energy sources—as part of our overall business strategy.

Our merger with Spectra Energy Corp, finalized in early 2017, has transformed Enbridge from what was primarily a crude oil and liquids pipeline business into a North American energy leader with an equal footing in the natural gas and liquids sectors—and a rapidly growing renewables and power generation segment, to boot.

“Enbridge is uniquely positioned to help bring new lower-carbon solutions to scale in both Canada and the U.S., while continuing to meet the demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy,” says Cynthia Hansen, Enbridge’s Executive Vice President of Utilities and Power Operations.

“This balance enables us to leverage all of our company’s assets—pipelines, wind turbines or natural gas processing plants—to support the transition to a lower-carbon economy, while keeping pace with the world’s growing energy needs,” adds Ms. Hansen.

Enbridge’s recent sustainability milestones include:

  • Being named for the eighth straight year to the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list in January. We were the only Canadian energy-sector company to make the cut, and earned our highest ranking ever (No. 39 overall);
  • Rising to No. 12 overall on the annual Newsweek Green Rankings global 500 list, in June 2016. Enbridge checked in as the highest-ranked energy company, as well as the top-rated Canadian business;
  • Investing about $5.4 billion in renewable energy projects since 2002, with a net renewable generation capacity—operating, planned or under construction—of about 2,500 megawatts (MW); and
  • Saving about 10.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and reducing CO2 equivalent emissions by 10.4 million tonnes, from 1995 through 2015 via customer energy efficiency programs promoted by Enbridge Gas Distribution.

Our 2016 CSR & Sustainability Report also makes note of other key metrics pertaining to CSR and sustainability. In 2016, Enbridge:

  • Spent $750 million on programs that help maintain the fitness of our North American pipeline operations;
  • Experienced eight reportable, off-property spills on our crude oil network, with a total of 657 barrels of product spilled;
  • Brought our recordable injury rates (per employee and per 200,000 employee hours worked) to their lowest levels in a decade; and
  • Updated our Indigenous Peoples Policy as we engage in further development of long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous and Native American communities.

Want to know more? The full 2016 CSR & Sustainability Report is available online at