At Enbridge, work cannot commence without a fully signed contract in place. We require all suppliers (contractors and vendors) to enter into one of our standard form contracts. These contracts contain the terms and conditions governing the relationship between Enbridge and the supplier. Under certain circumstances, Enbridge may elect to tailor terms and conditions for specific requirements.

Part of Enbridge’s overall strategy is to have suppliers operate under our standard form contracts. Any exceptions to these terms and conditions may be taken into consideration when evaluating which supplier to award to.

Please refer to your Purchase Order, Work Order or Contract for your Enbridge point of contact. For contacts within the Liquids Pipelines, Gas Pipelines and Processing or Enbridge Gas Distribution business units, please complete our Supplier Information Form. A supply chain management representative will contact you directly if your materials and/or services are in match to our current needs; we appreciate your interest.

Major Projects Contacts


Mainline Construction
Amit Patil, Category Manager

Engineering Services and Drilling Services
Bob Bing, Category Manager

Facilities Construction Services
Bob Bing, Category Manager

Inspection Services
Kori Perkkio, Category Manager  


Pipe & Pipe Related Products
Amy Doris, Category Manager

Engineered Materials / Buildings and Electrical
Kori Perkkio, Category Manager