Understanding our business

Safety is at the core of everything we do, and safety is an active partnership with landowners, Indigenous communities and the public, writes Enbridge President and CEO Al Monaco.

2015 performance at a glance

We know you care about keeping your family, community and environment safe. So do we. That’s why safety and reliability is our Number 1 priority and why we share how we’re doing with you. Review our safety performance in 2015 and how it compares to previous years.

How we prepare

We believe that every incident can be prevented, but we practice and train—like at our emergency response drill in the Straits of Mackinac last year, and more than 360 other exercises—so we’re ready to respond quickly, safely and effectively.

How we prevent incidents

We build our systems to be safe and we keep them that way through continuous monitoring, testing and maintenance, and by looking for ways to add more layers of safety—such as creating a new flood monitoring system for where our pipelines cross rivers and streams.

How we respond

For us, incident response goes beyond getting crews on-site, keeping everyone safe and cleaning up. Find out how we connected with two landowners after line strikes on our pipelines to bring the message of safe digging to life and help prevent future incidents.

Your role in safe energy delivery

Find out more about the key ways you can contribute to the safety of Enbridge’s systems in your community.

Safety. First.

Safety will always be our No. 1 priority. Ensuring the safety of communities and the environment is our most important duty—and everything we do is based on this foundation.

Infographic: How we prepare

Our first goal is always to prevent incidents before they happen, but if they do, we're ready to respond safely and effectively.

Infographic: Safe Systems 24/7/365

Get the big picture on Enbridge's multi-pronged approach to pipeline safety.

Infographic: How we respond
When an incident occurs, we respond safely and effectively to minimize the impact on people, communities and the environment.