Safety principles at Enbridge: Our commitment

Enbridge is committed to ensuring everyone returns home safely at the end of each and every day, and that our assets are operated in a safe and reliable manner. We base our commitment to safety on our care for employees, contractors, the communities in which we operate and the environment.

Our values of Safety, Integrity, Respect, Inclusion and High Performance guide our decisions, actions and interactions individually and as a company. Our Safety Principles support our values and highlight the fundamental beliefs we share on our path to a zero-event workplace.

Safety. It's a core value that makes us Enbridge. It's our way of life.

Safety principles: Our Path to Zero

  1. All injuries, events, and occupational illnesses can be prevented.

    Enbridge is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, our contractors and the public. Our goal is zero injuries, events and occupational illnesses. Striving for anything less can lead to the false belief that injuries, events and occupational illnesses are inevitable and acceptable. In every instance, protecting the health and safety of workers and the public requires strict adherence to company policies and procedures, including Enbridge's Lifesaving Rules.

  2. All operating exposures can be controlled.

    Enbridge believes that all operating exposures and uncontrolled releases that may result in injury, illness or environmental damage can be prevented. Through the rigorous application of process safety requirements we strive to eliminate hazards and minimize risks by implementing effective safeguards. When it is not possible or practical to completely eliminate hazards, we implement engineering controls such as fail-safe control systems, warning and detection devices, and automatic safety devices to reduce the risk. Administrative controls and/or personal protective equipment serve as the last line of defense against the hazards we face.

  3. Leaders are accountable for safety performance.

    People leaders are accountable for safe operations and the safety and health of the workers under their care. This includes accountability for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment through the application of our Management System. As well, it includes establishing, regularly reviewing and updating policies and procedures using disciplined change management, providing the proper equipment, completing appropriate training, correcting deficiencies promptly, and ensuring approved procedures are followed.

  4. All employees/contractors are responsible for safety.

    People are the most important element of our health and safety program and ensuring our operational reliability. Enbridge expects employees and contractors to take personal accountability for their safety, that of their co-workers and the general public, and the safe operations of our assets. Further, workers have not only a right but a duty to stop and/or refuse work they feel is unsafe. Our success depends on all levels and all members of the organization being committed and accountable for consistently adhering to our company policies and procedures as well as all applicable regulations, codes and standards. Working safely is a condition of employment.

  5. Assessment and improvement are a must.

    Enbridge is committed to continuously improving our safety performance through field and operational assessments, and diligent application of quality and safety assurance practices and processes. Further, we employ disciplined root cause analysis and thoughtful exploration of human factors during event analyses to identify and learn from weaknesses in our safety systems. We promptly address deficiencies revealed through these activities, and communicate what we learn across the organization to strengthen our systems and make Enbridge even safer.

  6. We promote off-the-job health and safety for our employees 24/7.

    Our concern for the safety and health of employees extends beyond the workplace. An off-the-job injury is as painful and impactful as one suffered on the job. We encourage our employees to demonstrate their leadership and excellence in health and safety practices for the benefit of their families, friends and community. An engaged workforce is a key building block of a healthy safety culture.

We strive to create a vigilant and resilient safety culture, in which all members of our team keep themselves and others safe, leaders care for the health and safety of their people, and we learn from safety failures to prevent future events. Our Safety Principles are foundational to our safety culture and our long-term success as an organization.

Lifesaving Rules

In 2011 we established Lifesaving Rules for all Enbridge employees and contractors to follow. Each rule was founded on real-life incidents at Enbridge and focuses on areas of high risk and high consequence.

The Lifesaving Rules apply to everyone at Enbridge and compliance is mandatory. Employees or contractors who choose not to follow the Lifesaving Rules are choosing not to work for Enbridge. Learn more about our Lifesaving Rules.