Let’s eat! Enbridge’s Homegrown Recipes cookbook profiles (Part 1)

Pint-sized entrepreneurs tend to their pumpkin patch in southwestern Manitoba

There’s the ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead, and then there’s the tale of the Peters pumpkin patch.

On the family farm near Winkler, Manitoba, a trio of pint-sized entrepreneurs is busy turning orange into green. Every year, under the supervision of their retired grandparents Alf and Arlene, siblings Emily, Abbey and Rhett Peters cultivate their own pumpkin business.

After spending a summer of seeding, growing, and tending to the pumpkins—which have grown to as much as 30 pounds—they harvest, sell based on weight, and split the proceeds three ways . . . after taking Nana and Papa out for ice cream, of course.

“I think it’s a privilege for our kids to have exposure to farming, even if we’re not directly involved,” says Myra, Alf and Arlene’s daughter-in-law.

“For them, it’s an experience in being able to work for . . . an end goal,” adds the kids’ dad, Matt. “They get to learn the value of a dollar.”

The Peters clan is one of several families across Canada being profiled in Enbridge’s newly produced Homegrown Recipes cookbook, which is being distributed to neighbors along our rights-of-way starting this summer.

The Homegrown Recipes collection includes more than 110 tantalizing kitchen creations—breakfasts, breads, soups, salads, sides, entrees and desserts—submitted by our neighbors near Enbridge’s network of pipelines and facilities.

Because just as land is passed down through the generations, so too are some of the most treasured recipes that connect us to family, friends and communities—including Arlene’s pumpkin pie, included in our Homegrown Recipes collection.

Arlene says the secret to growing a perfect pumpkin is contained in the soil. Loose, sandy soil that drains well, and at the same time holds enough moisture, is optimal.

Her granddaughter Emily, meanwhile, is sold on the benefits of farm life—but for entirely different reasons.

“Yeah,” she says. “Then I can have a dog!”

(Are your taste buds sufficiently stimulated? Click on this link to download portions of Enbridge’s Homegrown Recipes cookbook . . . and this link for Arlene’s pumpkin pie.)