New Energy Technologies: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

It’s a carbon-neutral fuel. It can help battle climate change. And it’s all about putting waste to work.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is created by capturing “biogas” emissions from organic waste, landfills and wastewater treatment plants and upgrading into pipeline-grade methane —and it will play an important role in society’s cleaner energy future.

Following the upgrading process, carbon-neutral RNG is easily blended into existing natural gas distribution and transmission networks—where it can be used to fuel transit fleets, power industry, and heat homes and businesses without the need for any alterations, since it is an identical fuel.

Enbridge has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. We’re working with industry partners and leveraging our vast network of gas pipelines to help pioneer RNG as an effective solution for society’s net-zero ambitions.

In September 2021, Enbridge and Vanguard Renewables announced a partnership to design and build eight RNG project sites across the United States, where organic waste will be transformed into RNG and used by multinational companies with aggressive decarbonization goals.

Enbridge’s gas utility, Enbridge Gas, is actively involved in seven Canadian RNG projects operating or under construction, with an additional 50+ projects in various stages of development.

In Toronto, one of the city’s solid waste facilities is now producing RNG around the clock as part of a collaboration with Enbridge Gas.

Meanwhile, a partnership between Enbridge Gas, Walker Industries and Comcor Environmental has broken ground on Ontario’s largest RNG facility in Niagara Falls, with an agreement to jointly develop other RNG projects across the country.

RNG has the potential to play a key role in the decarbonization of North America’s gas supply. Long-term energy outlooks are predicting that as much as 10% of all natural gas demand could be supplied by RNG, presenting investment opportunities that are strongly aligned to our existing natural gas transmission and distribution assets.

Numerous regional targets for RNG are also being announced, which further supports our strategic growth in this sector.

Enbridge will participate across the RNG value chain, from biogas collection and upgrading to pipeline grade RNG, to injection into pipelines for transportation and distribution.

Enbridge's RNG projects

Project Location In-Service Date (ISD) RNG produced annually (m3) Scope 3 emissions avoided (tCO2e/year)
Hamilton Woodward WWTP Hamilton, ON 2011 1.6 million 4,500
StormFisher London, ON 2020 3 million 8,000
Dufferin Toronto, ON 2021 3.3 million 9,000
Stanton Farms Stratford, ON 2022 4 million 11,000