Officers of Enbridge

Effective: April 1, 2019

Al Monaco President & Chief Executive Officer
Cynthia L. Hansen Executive Vice President & President, Utilities and Power Operations
D. Guy Jarvis Executive Vice President & President, Liquids Pipelines
Byron C. Neiles Executive Vice President, Corporate Services
Robert R. Rooney Executive Vice President & Chief Legal Officer
John K. Whelen Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
William T. Yardley Executive Vice President & President, Gas Transmission & Midstream
Vern D. Yu Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer
Matthew A. Akman Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Development & Investor Relations
Phillip M. Anderson Senior Vice President, Business Development
Allen C. Capps Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer
Colin K. Gruending Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Investment Review
Bhushan N. Ivaturi Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Mark A. Maki Senior Vice President, Corporate Planning and Sponsored Vehicles
R. Thomas Schwartz Senior Vice President & General Counsel
Marc N. Weil Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Roxanna Benoit Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability
Max G. Chan Vice President, Treasury
Jana L. Jordan Vice President & Chief Audit Executive
Leigh Kelln Vice President, Finance
Michael P. Koby Vice President, Safety & Reliability
Patrick R. Murray Vice President, Financial Planning, Analysis and Controller
Veenu B. Narula Vice President, Power Business Development
Leslie O’Leary Vice President, Enterprise Tax
Maistran B. Pillay Vice President, ERP and Enterprise Applications
William M. Ramos Vice President, Finance ERP Business Lead
Tyler W. Robinson Vice President & Corporate Secretary and Chief Compliance Officer
Laura J. Sayavedra Vice President, Finance Transformation and ERP Program Lead
Jennifer M.H. Strain Vice President, Corporate Law
Phil Teijeira Vice President & Chief Supply Chain Officer
Wilhelmus J. Van der Ven Vice President, Power Operations
Cathleen A. Larson Ward Vice President, Enterprise Risk