Solar self-power

Enbridge’s solar self-power program is a cornerstone of our ESG commitments.

Along our liquids and gas transmission pipeline rights-of-way, we’re actively developing and executing opportunities to “self-power”—which includes building and operating renewable power generation facilities to help power our assets with clean electricity.

To date, we’ve announced 12 solar projects across North America to procure low-emission electricity for our pump stations and compressor stations. Three of these projects—in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Alberta—are already operational, representing a combined 15.25 MW of power production capacity for our own assets.

Collectively, these 12 projects (either in operation or pre-construction) will provide more than 102 megawatts of clean energy capacity, from Wisconsin to Alberta to Kentucky to Minnesota. That’s the equivalent of powering 23,700 households with low-emission electricity.

Enbridge’s renewable self-power-focused development also has the potential to serve other local customers in the private sector. We have access to prime land with strong renewable resources, transmission access, and power customers in close proximity to our pipeline operations who are also looking to reduce their own emissions. These solar and onshore wind opportunities could feed a program of more than 1 gigawatt (GW) in green energy development.

Enbridge's solar self-power projects

Project Location In-service date (ISD) Gross generation capacity (MW) Ownership (%) Equivalent homes served (based on net generation)
Alberta Solar One Burdett, AB April 2021 10.5 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 1,850
Lambertville Solar West Amwell, NJ October 2020 2.25 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 405
Heidlersburg Solar Tyrone Township, PA May 2021 2.5 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 500
Adams Solar Grand Marsh, WI Q2 2023 8.3 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 2,156
Portage Solar Portage, WI Q2 2023 11.8 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 3,277
Flanagan Solar Pontiac, IL Q2 2023 10 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 2,131
Bedford Solar Bedford, PA Pre-construction 6.8 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 860
Wheelersburg Solar Wheelersburg, OH Pre-construction 5.3 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 815
Tompkinsville Solar Tompkinsville, KY Pre-construction 9.6 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 2,293
Cass Lake Solar Cass Lake, MN Pre-construction 8.8 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 2,285
Floodwood Solar Floodwood, MN Pre-construction 11 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 2,962
Deer River Solar Deer River, MN Pre-construction 15 Enbridge Inc. (100%) 4,162
TOTAL 12   101.9