Test your energy IQ: which of these products are made from petroleum?

Think quick — what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of something that is made from petroleum?

Most of you probably said gasoline.

And you’re right, but did you know that thousands of products are made from crude oil, natural gas or petroleum by-products?

All of the items below are made from petroleum products: which ones surprised you?

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

There are a lot of items that you’ll find in your kitchen that contain petroleum based products. Chances are if you use items like rubber gloves, drinking cups, cooking utensils or an ice cube tray you’re using petroleum based plastic products. All plastics, unless it’s labelled “bioplastic”, are made from petrochemicals.

Rubber boots

Rubber boots

Rubber boots along with many other clothing items such as nylons, umbrellas, runners, zippers and more could contain petroleum based products. Check out this video for more petroleum based products that you could find in your closet.



Lots of different sporting equipment is made out of petroleum based products. Other sporting items containing petroleum based products include, footballs, boxing glove, skates, skis, soccer balls and golf bags.



Wax is a raw petroleum product. Take a look around your house, anything that has a wax seal or involves wax will likely be made from petroleum based products. 

Contact lenses

Contact lenses

Synthetic polymers that make soft contacts comfortable to wear are made with petroleum.

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