What is energy poverty?

“Billions of people continue to be without basic modern energy services, lacking access to either electricity or clean cooking facilities. This situation is expected to change only a little by 2030 unless more vigorous action is taken”
International Energy Agency on Energy Access

In the modern world, energy is all around us. We use it to cook our food, heat our homes, charge our electronics and light our streets. Because we always have access to energy we often take it for granted.

Those who don’t have access to reliable and affordable energy sources are said to be “energy poor”. “Energy poverty” impacts one billion people worldwide, as their well-being is negatively affected by a low energy consumption, use of dirty or polluting fuels, and excessive time spent collecting fuel to meet basic needs.

According to the International Energy Agency, for people in developing countries, having access to energy is fundamental to reducing poverty and improving health, increasing productivity, enhancing competitiveness and promoting economic growth.

Because access to reliable and affordable energy is essential in the struggle against poverty, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling on governments, businesses and civil society to achieve universal access to modern energy services by 2030 through their Sustainable Energy for All program.

If you want to learn more about the UN is doing to address this increasingly important issue, visit Sustainable Energy for All.

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Energy Matters

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