In the news: Is Canada being left behind?

Two news items caught our attention at Energy Matters recently.  

Writing on, James Rose states Canada’s oil and gas industry gets left in the dust as other nations take advantage of opportunity.

"At what point will the tide turn for Canada? Hard to say. But until something triggers a renewed sense of urgency concerning the development of major energy sector projects (and I haven’t even touched on pipelines), Canada will continue to miss out on opportunity while others take advantage."

Another interesting—and possibly related—story from the same writer on Debate rages over Canadian oil being exported from New Brunswick to U.S. Gulf Coast.

"If not from Canada, then the heavy oil refining capacity entrenched on the US Gulf Coast will simply be filled by heavy oil sourced from other jurisdictions with far weaker environmental standards. Singling out oil sourced from Canada’s oilsands would therefore seem like a fool’s errand in looking to combat whatever crusade the NRDC is embarking on against ‘dirty oil’. And this point is made prior to any discussion involving the obvious incremental benefits that both Canadians and Americans would accrue if Energy East were to be built."

What do you think? Is Canadian energy missing out on opportunities to get into the global marketplace? Are environmental campaigns too focused on Canada? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page or tweet with us.

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