Canadians agreeable to inclusive energy strategy, new poll suggests

Approving a pipeline, while encouraging a shift toward renewables, would create ‘a path to consensus’: Abacus Data

Can pipeline construction, and a steady move toward renewables, play nice on the same patch of energy turf?

A new Canadian survey seems to suggest so.

Abacus Data has found that three-quarters of Canadians would be agreeable to the concept of the federal government approving a new pipeline to get Canada’s oil and gas to new markets—while, at the same time, invoking measures to encourage a shift toward greater use of clean energy.

More than three out of four Canadians (76 %) would either support (41%) or accept (35%) such an idea, while 23% would oppose the concept.

“Few things are more politically charged in Canada these days than the mixture of policies the federal government may embrace to combat climate change and to support economic activity in the oil and gas sector,” notes Abacus Data chairman Bruce Anderson.

“The numbers suggest there is a path to creating more comprehensive national support, with a blend of carbon pricing, incentives to promote a shift in energy use, and adding pipeline capacity to get Canada’s oil to markets while a shift towards more renewable energy is underway,” he adds.

Majorities in every region of Canada would support or accept this “all-of-the-above” approach, according to the data, including:

  • 92% in Alberta (72% support, 20% accept);
  • 83% in Saskatchewan (62% support, 21% accept);
  • 83% in Manitoba (40% support, 43% accept);
  • 80% in Atlantic Canada (38% support, 42% accept); and
  • 78% in Ontario (40% support, 38% accept).

A full breakdown of this latest poll, conducted between Oct. 7 and 12, is available on the Abacus Data website.

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