Globe 2016 Perspectives: Is Offshore Wind the Answer?

Climate change is happening and we all need to embrace new technology as we move away from the carbon-based economy, says Dr. Kate Moran.

Moran is a climate expert and believes the energy of the future can be found blowing offshore. She says harnessing offshore wind power is the key to the future.

“Offshore wind has the potential to eclipse all other kinds of renewable energy and we could be tapping into that and exporting it. When you move offshore, the wind is first of all much more powerful and persistent.”

Dr. Kate Moran spoke about the potential for offshore wind energy at the GLOBE 2016 Conference and Innovation Expo in Vancouver in March. She was not paid for her comments and did not endorse any specific company. GLOBE is North America’s largest and longest-running conference series dedicated to business innovation and climate change solutions for the planet.

Globe 2016: a solar perspective

The general manager of a Nova Scotia-based solar business says our low carbon future will be powered by the sun.

The business of energy innovation: GLOBE 2016
Leaders, innovators and change makers gather for GLOBE 2016 Summit in Vancouver

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