Enbridge’s partnership with the University of Calgary and the Centre for Corporate Sustainability

November 2, 2015

This morning, the CBC aired a story on Enbridge’s partnership with the University of Calgary and the Centre for Corporate Sustainability. The story arises from internal emails from 2011 and 2012 that were exchanged between University academics. It makes unfair and false allegations that Enbridge attempted to influence the Centre’s operations and infringed on academic freedom.

Enbridge has always been committed to the principles of academic freedom. We firmly believe the responsibility for academic and operational decisions, and accountability for maintaining academic integrity, lies with the University and its academic staff.

Our philanthropic partnerships with the University have no strings attached.

In 2012, when the partnership with the University was announced, Enbridge committed to donating $2.25 million over 10 years. Any questions Enbridge raised with the University were limited to ensuring the Centre adhered to its own governance.

For example, the then director of the Centre advised that due to other affiliations and commitments, he might not be able to fulfill his role. At that time, Enbridge sought assurances from the University that if the director could not fulfill his duties, a search would begin for his replacement.

Enbridge also asked whether it was appropriate for the then director’s spouse to be hired as associate director of the Centre. Ultimately, the decision was left to the University.

At Enbridge, we live our core values of integrity and respect, and we want to reassure the public that we respect the operational decisions and academic freedom of the University of Calgary.

Enbridge participated in an interview with the CBC on this topic. See the full transcript here or listen to the full audio recording here.

We have a long-standing, ongoing commitment to the University, and we look forward to continuing that relationship and building on it in the future.

D'Arcy Levesque,
Vice President of Enterprise Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility