Enbridge completes successful audit

July 16, 2015

On July 15, 2015, the National Energy Board (NEB) released its audit of Enbridge Pipelines Inc.’s NEB-regulated facilities and concluded that the company continues to operate safely.

This has been a successful audit for Enbridge. It confirms for us that our existing programs and processes successfully protect the safety of people, the environment and our pipelines. It tells us we are making good progress in developing and implementing a comprehensive Integrated Management System. As the management system requirements in the Onshore Pipeline Regulations are relatively new, the audit reports provide valuable information as to the NEB’s interpretation and expectations so that we can further align with and continually improve our programs and processes.

Enbridge was in the process of implementing a comprehensive Integrated Management System prior to the audit by the National Energy Board and the NEB’s report shows we are on the right path. Although our efforts to date have already enhanced our approach to safety performance and safety culture, this will be further enhanced once we fully implement our IMS.

Over approximately 15 months, National Energy Board auditors interviewed more than 200 members of Enbridge's workforce, inspected approximately 20 field locations and reviewed more than 65,000 pages of documents. As a result of this audit, Enbridge has developed 29 corrective action plans to address all findings identified by the NEB.