Sarnia unknown substance not from Enbridge facilities

CALGARY, ALBERTA – (3:30 MST, July, 24, 2016) – At approximately 10:40 MST today it was reported that there was a unknown substance release in the area of Plank Road between Modeland Road and Indian Road in Sarnia. As a precaution Sarnia police briefly shut down traffic in the area. The release was incorrectly attributed to a tank on Enbridge’s Sarnia Terminal. Although the Enbridge Control Center verified there were no abnormal conditions on our pipeline system, all pipelines and facilities in and out of our Sarnia Terminal were shut down at 10:45 MST. An exhaustive inspection was conducted to verify the integrity of our system, which confirmed there has been no release originating from any of the Enbridge pipelines, facilities and equipment. The Sarnia Terminal was restarted as of 12:13 MST. Enbridge worked cooperatively with authorities in the area to monitor the situation.