Competitive tolling settlement

Enbridge has reached an agreement with shippers and CAPP with respect to the principal terms of a 10-year Competitive Toll Settlement (CTS). The CTS agreement applies to the Canadian portion of the mainline system. Local tolls for service on the U.S. portion of the system will not be affected by the CTS and will continue to be governed by existing toll agreements. The CTS application was approved by the NEB on June 24 and will be effective July 1, 2011.

NEB Transmittal Letter
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Table of Contents
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Competitive Toll Settlement Application
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Appendix 1 - Competitive Toll Settlement (the "CTS")
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Appendix 2 - Schematic of Mainline
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Appendix 3 - Map of Enbridge Mainline
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Appendix 4 - Stakeholder Consultation
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Appendix 5 - Letters of Support
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Appendix 6 - NEB Tariff No. 316 (Canadian Local Tolls)
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Appendix 7 - NEB Tariff No. 317 and FERC No. 45.0.0 (International Joint Rates)
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Appendix 8 - NEB RT Tariff No. 11-2
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Additional CTS Information

On April 14, 2011, Enbridge held an open house for Shippers to discuss the 2011 Competitive Tolling Settlement (CTS). Learn more about the CTS by viewing this short presentation.

View the March 16, 2011 CTS News Release.

For Representative Shipper Group (RSG) confirmed meeting dates and other information, please click here.