Enbridge Canadian Mainline Contracting: Notice of Public Hearing

Enbridge has filed an application with the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) for a new service and tolling framework for our Canadian Mainline liquids system.

The CER will be holding a public hearing to consider Enbridge’s application. Those interested in participating in this hearing must first register online between March 12 and 18, 2020.

To register, visit the Apply to Participate webpage at the CER website from March 12 to 18 and choose Enbridge Canadian Mainline Contracting. Follow the instructions to obtain a CER account and complete an Application to Participate form.

Enbridge's application to the CER can be found here.

Read the CER’s Notice of Public Hearing and Registration to Participate Instructions here.

Lire l’avis d’audience publique et directives concernant les demandes de participation.

To obtain more information on CER hearing processes, you can: