Atlantic Bridge

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FERC approved Algonquin’s and Maritimes’ request to participate in the “Pre-file” process, a series of activities which provide interested parties – including landowners, public officials, community members, government agencies and FERC staff – an opportunity to review project-related information and identify issues prior to us submitting to FERC a formal application.

The Atlantic Bridge Project was assigned a Pre-file docket number of PF15-12-000. Following the application filing, the Pre-file docket number (PF15-2-000) was converted to FERC Docket No. CP16-9-000.

FERC conducted a comprehensive review of environmental impacts that could result from the construction and operation of the proposed facilities in accordance with NEPA. As part of its review, FERC issued a Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Assessment (pdf, 903 KB) and initiated a public scoping period.

During the scoping period, FERC encouraged the public and agencies to provide comments on potential environmental issues by June 11, 2015. FERC continued to accept comments after the scoping period. Comments could be submitted verbally or in writing at the public Scoping Meetings; electronically on FERC's website using the eComment or the eFiling feature under the link to Documents and Filings; or by mail to this address:

Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street NE, Room 1A
Washington, DC 20426

In March, we held a series of open houses to provide information and gather input on the Atlantic Bridge Project. The project calendar lists the dates and locations of the open houses.