Enbridge's statement on human trafficking

Feb. 23, 2021

Enbridge has zero tolerance for all illegal and exploitive behavior. We can confirm that two individuals who formerly worked for our contractor were arrested and charged in a human trafficking sting in Itasca County, MN. Such behaviors from anyone associated with this project will not be tolerated and are immediate grounds for dismissal. Both individuals were immediately terminated upon learning of their arrests.

Pursuant to the project’s route permit, Enbridge developed and implemented a Human Trafficking Prevention Plan in cooperation with several Tribal and state entities. In addition to requiring that all workers receive training prior to beginning work on the project, the plan also included development of an awareness campaign called Your Call Minnesota (yourcallmn.org).

We have been working together with contractors and our construction teams to make certain our standards and expectations are clear. Workers are required to act consistently with our policies and the law. Enbridge will continue to work with the state, Tribes and our contractors on actions to combat trafficking in our society. We support all efforts by law enforcement to arrest perpetrators as well as the prosecution of anyone participating in trafficking to the maximum extent of the law.