The Line 3 pipeline decommissioning process

The next step for Enbridge's Line 3 Replacement Program in Canada

Construction of Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Pipeline in Canada was completed on schedule in May 2019, followed by reclamation of the 1,070-km pipeline right-of-way in August 2020. The next phase will involve decommissioning the existing Line 3 pipeline, which we anticipate will begin in the spring of 2021.

On Dec. 1, 2016, the National Energy Board (NEB)—in addition to authorizing construction and operation of the Line 3 Replacement Program (L3RP) and related facilities—ordered the decommissioning of the existing Line 3 pipeline, subject to a number of conditions.

Decommissioning entails taking a pipeline permanently out of service, safely and responsibly. The practice of decommissioning minimizes the potential effects on communities and the environment, as well as the stability issues that surround soil disturbance. For Enbridge’s existing Line 3 pipeline, the decommissioning process will involve wiping and cleaning, disconnecting, segmenting, filling (at strategic points), and continuing to monitor the line.

Please check out our video, fact sheet and other resources shown here to learn more about the decommissioning process.

Indigenous Line 3 decommissioning webcast

To review the Oct. 7, 2020 Line 3 Decommissioning webcast, please click here.

Regional Line 3 decommissioning maps

The links below will take you to printable/downloadable regional PDF maps showing the proposed decommissioning activities along the existing Line 3 pipeline:

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