Michigan residents deserve factual information

The residents of Michigan – and their state officials – deserve factual information on Line 5 and the steps that Enbridge takes every day to protect the Straits of Mackinac, the Great Lakes and local communities. They deserve more than scare tactics and fear-mongering that only serve to create a climate of concern and uncertainty on a pipeline that has safely operated across the Straits since its installation.

Enbridge takes very seriously its commitment to safety and environmental protection. We have a responsibility to operate our facilities safely, while continuing to provide a vital service to the residents and economy of Michigan.

To be clear, we are in full compliance with all state and federal regulations, and with the easement requirements for the Straits of Mackinac Crossing. In 2014, a concern regarding the distance between support spans was addressed; additional supports – essentially anchors that screw about 10 feet into the lake bed – were installed in September 2014. Our emergency response plan has been reviewed by PHMSA, our federal regulator, as required by regulation; there is no “approval requirement” in federal regulations governing pipelines. 

We believe transparency is key, which is why we have this dedicated section of our website for Line 5, where we are posting studies (such as the study on mussels), integrity data, fact sheets on how we protect the Straits and other sensitive areas along Line 5, videos and more. It’s also why we are engaging people in communities to answer their questions and address concerns.

The State of Michigan is taking action, contrary to claims made by Oil & Water Don’t Mix and other organizations. The work of the Michigan Task Force on Petroleum Pipelines and subsequently, of the Michigan Pipelines Advisory Board, is purposeful and being executed in a thoughtful manner so that it is not tainted by industry or any other agenda-driven organizations.

Line 5 has safely delivered critical energy supplies needed by the people of Michigan for more than 60 years, and we applaud the State for following a detailed and informed process to assess the issues that have been raised. We will continue to focus on meeting the needs of Michigan residents with the safe delivery of needed energy and factual information on how we are protecting the Straits, the Great Lakes and local communities.

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