Line 3 Replacement Project

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Project Background

  • The existing Line 3 is a 34-inch-outside-diameter, 1,097-mile-long pipeline that extends from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin.
  • Line 3 is an integral part of Enbridge’s Mainline Pipeline System.
  • Line 3 was placed into service in 1968. 
  • The line is physically equipped to transport all grades of crude oil, and the type of crude oil transported in the future (as in the past) will be based on shipper demand.
  • Over the years Line 3 has operated at varying capacities, which is dependent upon the type of crude oil carried by Line 3. 
  • Due to its geographic location, Line 3 has played and continues to play an important and integral role in delivering crude oil to (i) Minnesota Pipe Line Company’s interconnecting facilities at Clearbrook, for ultimate redelivery to Minnesota refineries, and (ii) the Superior Terminal, for ultimate delivery to other refineries in the U.S. and Canada. The Project is generally expected to serve the same markets and transport the same products as the existing Line 3 has done throughout its operating history.
  • Safe and reliable operations are the foundation of Enbridge’s business, and maintaining pipeline safety through our integrity management program is essential. As part of our routine maintenance program, Enbridge conducted an assessment of the Line 3 pipeline in 2013. The assessment identifies strategic and efficient means for maintaining system integrity, including additional in-line tool runs, investigatory digs or segment replacement. Enbridge further determined that a replacement of Line 3 was best to maintain system integrity while minimizing disruption to landowners and communities.
  • The proposed 36-inch replacement pipeline will serve the same purpose as the existing Line 3, which is the transportation of crude oil from Canada to the Enbridge Clearbrook Terminal near Clearbrook, Minnesota and to Enbridge’s Superior Station and Terminal Facility near Superior, Wisconsin. The replacement pipeline is generally expected to serve the same markets, and transport the same product mix as the existing Line 3. Upon replacement, the average annual capacity of Line 3 will be 760 kbpd.