Line 3 Replacement Project

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Public participation

Construction of a pipeline starts with open and frank discussions within the community. To that end, Enbridge is and always will be committed to a meaningful and productive dialogue throughout the development, construction, and operation of the Project. As with all of our projects, Enbridge's goal is to provide Project information to, receive input from, and address questions and concerns raised by those affected by the pipeline.

To achieve this goal, Enbridge developed a Line 3 public outreach plan designed to provide a variety of ways for all interested parties to obtain information about and provide input regarding the Project. Enbridge has identified and reached out to:

  • landowners likely to be affected by the Project;
  • elected and public officials at all levels of government (federal to township);
  • emergency responders;
  • business and environmental groups;
  • community groups;
  • other interested parties, and;
  • the general public.

This initial approach to public outreach provides opportunities for stakeholders to provide input and learn about the Project in its early stages.

Enbridge welcomes your questions and your feedback. Opportunities to learn about the Project and provide input include:

  • Open houses in communities along the Preferred Route
  • Community leader discussions
  • Informational materials (publicly-available fact sheets and surveys, media advisories, newspaper ads)
  • Notifications (letters from Enbridge, regulatory notices)
  • Presentations to civic organizations
  • One-on-one meetings with individuals and local groups
  • Various means by which the public can connect with Project representatives:

Stay informed
The MPUC’s process provides multiple opportunities for public participation, including public meetings and public comment periods. Minnesotans can stay informed and follow the progress of regulatory approvals by visiting the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s website at

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and under eServices click on “eDockets-Search for Documents.” Enter the docket number that applies to the particular project (PL-9/CN-14-916 – Certificate of Need or PL-9/PPL-15-137 – Route Permit) and click on the “Search” button.