Enbridge expansions: What's in it for Minnesota?

Economic Growth

Through the Line 3 Replacement Project, Enbridge is investing billions of dollars in a major enhancement of our system in Minnesota that will contribute to long-term, stable, and reliable sources of energy for the United States.

Total economic impact:
The project is expected to create more than $2 billion in total economic impact across Minnesota, $1.5 billion of that in Enbridge spending alone.

Economic activity:
Significant boost to the U.S. economy during design and construction; local and regional economic boost during construction from the purchase of local products/materials; and use of local hotels, restaurants, and other services.

Long-term property tax revenue:
Enbridge pays more than $30 million in Minnesota property taxes each year; this will increase incrementally by more than $35 million beginning the first full year that the replacement line is in service.

Infrastructure investment:
Enbridge will spend $4 billion ($2.6 billion in Minnesota) on the Line 3 Replacement Project in the U.S.

Local Benefits

At a local level, communities along the pipeline corridors will enjoy family-sustaining construction and manufacturing jobs, increased retail sales, food and lodging purchases, and equipment and materials purchases during construction.

Construction of the Line 3 Replacement Project will have significant economic benefits to the Minnesota economy. According to an April 2017 impact study conducted by the University of Minnesota-Duluth's Labovitz School of Business and Economics, commissioned by the Area Partnership for Economic Expansion, the Line 3 Replacement Project will create 8,600 jobs (6,500 of them local) over a two-year period, including:

  • 2,800 hospitality jobs (local)
  • 4,200 construction jobs (half local)
  • 1,600 jobs in other sectors, including suppliers and manufacturers (local)

Regional economic impacts:

The economic impact of this job creation includes:

  • $334 million in payroll to workers (50% to local workers)
  • $162 million construction-related gain for local economies, as a result of non-local workers in Minnesota

The Line 3 Replacement Project will provide almost immediate economic benefits to Minnesota communities near the pipeline route—from restaurants to hotels, retail shops to gas stations, campgrounds to car dealerships.

Community investment:

Enbridge has been operating in Twin Ports and surrounding communities for six decades. Employees have long been part of volunteer groups and generously supported charitable organizations, notably the United Way and local American Red Cross.

Enbridge is committed to supporting and strengthening the communities near our pipelines and facilities. In 2019, we invested more than $500,000 in community-strengthening initiatives across Minnesota—and supported numerous not-for-profit agencies in the state—aligned to our three focus areas of health and safety, environment, and community. Across the U.S. in 2019, Enbridge invested more than $5.2 million in communities near our pipelines, projects and facilities.

Reliable Energy

Pipeline expansion projects reduce reliance on crude oil imports from countries that are often unstable or unfriendly to U.S. interests and move North America towards energy security and independence.

Support for Minnesota refineries:
Enbridge supplies 79 percent of the oil refined in Minnesota. Without the proposed expansion projects, shippers will not be able to meet demands supplied by Midwest refineries for secure, reliable crude oil.

Safety is our top priority:

  • Just in the past five years, Enbridge spent $498 million in Minnesota on training and maintenance to enhance the safety and reliability of our pipeline systems. During that time, we conducted more than 1,200 maintenance digs and internal pipeline inspections using state-of-the-art technology. Much of the integrity workforce needs (330,093 hours in 2013) were hired through four major Minnesota-based contractors.
  • Since 2006, Enbridge has provided more than $1.6 million in Safe Community grants in the United States.
  • In the past five years, Enbridge has donated 15 fleet vehicles to emergency response organizations in Minnesota.
  • In Minnesota alone, in 2016, 49 meetings were held with 845 total attendees, including firefighters, EMTs, sheriffs and Deputy County Emergency Management representatives.

Local presence:
Enbridge has regional operations in offices and facilities throughout northern Minnesota, including Duluth, Clearbrook, Bemidji, Deer River, and Viking.