Wisconsin projects

Enbridge’s recent expansion projects in Wisconsin not only enhance U.S. energy security, but have also provided more than 500 family-sustaining construction jobs, and contributed $1.4 billion in infrastructure investment. These projects also brought immediate economic benefits to communities along the Line 61 corridor through the purchase of equipment, goods and services. Wisconsin communities also benefit from new property tax revenue generated by these projects.

Line 61 Upgrade Project

Enbridge recently increased capacity on Line 61 -- a 42-inch diameter crude oil pipeline which spans from Enbridge’s terminal in Superior, Wis. to the company’s Flanagan Terminal near Pontiac, Ill. The Line 61 Upgrade Project did not require pipeline construction. Rather, the project included the construction and modification of existing pump stations along the pipeline. The project created approximately 275 highly skilled construction jobs.

Enbridge anticipates construction for Phase II of the Line 61 Upgrade Project will be complete during the second quarter of this year. With completion of construction, Line 61 will have the infrastructure in place to transport up to 1.2 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude (the amount it was permitted, designed, built, and successfully tested to carry in 2009). The pipeline is currently carrying approximately 930,000 bpd. Ultimately, volumes transported on the pipeline fluctuate based on our customers’ needs.

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Superior Terminal Expansion Project

Enbridge recently expanded the Superior Terminal to accommodate an anticipated need for additional breakout crude oil storage capacity. The increase in storage capacity at the Superior Terminal will enable Enbridge to transport increased volumes from expanding crude oil production fields, such as the Bakken Formation in North Dakota. The expansion will also improve the facility’s flexibility and efficiency for crude oil storage and distribution through its mainline pipeline system. Currently, more than 2.5 million bpd of crude oil are transported into the Superior Terminal, which has 45 storage tanks and 10 million barrels of breakout, or temporary, storage capacity.

Completed in 2016, the Superior Terminal Project included the addition of three new tanks along with additions and modifications to facility piping infrastructure within the terminal facility. The new tanks are 286 feet in diameter and nearly 56-feet tall. The $330 million project added approximately 1.5 million bpd of storage capacity and created 250 construction jobs. A $155 million upgrade project, which added two storage tanks with one million barrels of additional storage, was completed in late 2014.

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Line 3 Replacement Project

The Line 3 Replacement Project is a proposed replacement of 1,031 miles of pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wis. The replacement pipeline will carry a variety of crude oil. Fourteen miles of the proposed pipeline will run through Douglas County into the Superior Terminal.

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Is Enbridge planning to build a new pipeline along the Line 61 corridor in Wisconsin?

Enbridge does not have a new pipeline project in Wisconsin. While the possibility of expansion along Enbridge’s existing pipeline corridor between Superior, Wis. and Pontiac, Ill. was first introduced in February 2014, we have consistently communicated to our landowners, stakeholders and the media since then that the company does not have a project.

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