Superior Terminal

Enbridge’s Superior Terminal, built in 1950, has come a long, long way in 65 years. The 550-acre terminal has become a crucial hub for safe, reliable crude oil distribution across the United States, with about 21 percent of all daily U.S. crude imports passing through the facility.

The Flanagan South and Seaway twinning projects now connect Canadian oilsands supply with heavy-oil refining demand in Houston. More Enbridge expansion projects, including the Line 3 Replacement Program, are slated for the Upper Midwest as part of our plans to transport more light crude from the Bakken region.

And that means Superior Terminal will play an even greater role as we continue to build out much-needed pipeline infrastructure across the continent – and help to establish North American energy independence, security, and self-sufficiency.

Wisconsin fact sheets

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Wisconsin history and operations

Today, Enbridge operates approximately 1,552 miles of liquids pipelines in Wisconsin and meets 100 percent of the state’s refinery capacity needs.