The Express Pipeline delivers crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta to Casper, Wyoming. In early 2020 the capacity of the Express Pipeline was expanded to 287,000 bpd with the installation of drag reducing agent injection skids and optimization of pump stations. Further optimization efforts will increase the capacity to 310,000 bpd by Q3 2020. Deliveries can be made in Montana and Wyoming and on to a connecting facility servicing Utah. Express Pipeline also interconnects with Platte Pipeline, which transports both WCSB and domestic production into PADD II. The ratio of WCSB and light domestic production influences Platte Pipeline system capacity; however, average annual capacity is approximately 164,000 bpd between Casper and Guernsey, Wyoming and 145,000 bpd between Guernsey, Wyoming and Wood River, Illinois. Along this route, deliveries can be made in Wyoming and Illinois and on to connecting facilities servicing Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma.

The Platte to Spearhead Connection went in to service in April 2018, allowing Express-Platte barrels to access Cushing from Platte’s Salisbury Terminal via the Spearhead Pipeline.

The Platte Pipeline between Casper and Guernsey is expandable up to an incremental 70,000 bpd of capacity with pump station optimization and construction of new pump stations. Work is ongoing to establish ISD and refined scope.

Enbridge Express and Platte pipeline maps 

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