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CSR Performance Highlights

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Responsibility Highlights

The world isn't standing still, and neither are we.

We're working to meet the high standards the public expects of us–putting safety and environmental protection first; being open and transparent about our performance; providing good jobs to a talented workforce; and striving to build strong relationships with communities, Indigenous and Native American groups and stakeholders everywhere we operate.


Fitness of Enbridge's Liquids Systems and Detecting Leaks

Our goal is to achieve industry leadership in the safety and reliability of our pipelines and facilities, and protection of the environment.

Summary Profile of 2016 Spills on Enbridge's Liquids Systems

  • Eight reportable1 spills on our liquids pipelines systems in Canada and the U.S.
  • Volume from these spills was 657 barrels
  • Reliable delivery rate of 99.99 percent for the year

Number and Volume (Barrels) of Reportable Spills on Our Liquids Pipelines Systems 2014-20161

Barrels spilled

1 We have restated the values for our 2014 and 2015 number and volume of liquids spills such that they align with our definition for reportable Incidents. Please see Enbridge’s 2016 CSR & Sustainability report for more information

We're also very aware that as a North American leader in energy infrastructure systems that deliver oil, natural gas and renewable energy, we are uniquely positioned to help bridge the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Energy systems are changing and so are we. But one thing won’t change. We will keep fueling people’s quality of life, because life takes energy.


Occupational Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring that everyone returns home safely at the end of the day, and that our assets are operated safely. Our commitment is based on caring for our employees, contractors, customers, communities and the environment.

Fatal Incidents and Recordable and Lost Days Injury Rates

We strive to be leaders in occupational health and safety. While our recordable injuries and lost-days injuries in 2016 were the lowest they have been since we began tracking them, tragically two members of our team-contractors working on projects on our behalf-were fatally injured on the job in separate incidents.

Fatal Incidents

2016 at a Glance


Maintaining the Fitness of our Systems and Detecting Leaks


We invested about $750 million in programs that help us maintain the fitness of our systems and detect leaks across our operations in Canada and the U.S.



pipeline inspections conducted on our liquids and natural gas pipelines and distribution network



There were eight reportable spills on our liquids pipelines systems in Canada and the U.S., compared with 14 in 20151. The volume from these spills was 657 barrels, compared with 480 barrels in 2015. These amounts represent a reliable delivery rate of 99.99 percent for the year, based on our volumes spilled and gross delivery volumes.


Renewable & Alternative Energy


invested in renewable and alternative energy projects since 2002


~3,500 MW 2

of gross generating capacity operating, secured or under construction (Enbridge Inc. and subsidiaries’ interests: ~2,500 MW)

2 Includes 497 gross MW from the Hohe See Offshore Wind Project, in which Enbridge acquired an effective 50-percent interest in February 2017.