Investor Information

Investor Inquiries

If you have inquiries regarding the following:

  • additional financial or statistical information;
  • industry and company developments;
  • the latest news releases or investor presentations; or
  • any other investment-related inquiries

please contact Enbridge Investor Relations:

Toll-free: 800-481-2804
Office: 403-231-3960

Enbridge Inc.
200, 425 – 1st Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 3L8

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held at the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel, Kensington Room, 110 – 9 Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta, Canada at 1:30 pm MT on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. A live audio webcast of the meeting will be available at and will be archived on the site for approximately one year.Webcast details will be available on the Company's website closer to the meeting date.

Registrar and Transfer Agent

For information relating to shareholdings, shareholder investment plan, dividends, direct dividend deposit, dividend re-investment accounts and lost certificates, please contact:

AST Trust Company
P.O. Box 700, Station B
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3B 3K3
Telephone: 800-821-2794, or
416-682-3860 outside of North America

AST Trust Company has offices in Halifax, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

2018 Enbridge Inc. Common Share Dividends

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Dividend $0.671 $ – 4 $ – 4 $ – 4
Payment date Mar 01 Jun 01 Sep 01 Dec 01
Record date1 Feb 15 May 15 Aug 15 Nov 15
SPP deadline2 Feb 22 May 25 Aug 27 Nov 26
DRIP enrollment3 Feb 08 May 08 Aug 08 Nov 08

1 Dividend record dates for Common Shares are generally February 15, May 15, August 15 and November 15 in each year unless the 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday.
2 The Share Purchase Plan cut-off date is five business days prior to the dividend payment date.
3 The Dividend Reinvestment Program enrollment cut-off date is five business days prior to the dividend record date.
4 Amount will be announced as declared by the Board of Directors.

Common and Preference Shares

The Common Shares of Enbridge Inc. trade in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange and in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol “ENB.” The Preference Shares of Enbridge Inc. trade in Canada on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbols:

Series A – ENB.PR.A
Series B – ENB.PR.B
Series C – ENB.PR.C
Series D – ENB.PR.D
Series F – ENB.PR.F
Series H – ENB.PR.H
Series J – ENB.PR.U
Series L – ENB.PF.U
Series N – ENB.PR.N
Series P – ENB.PR.P
Series R – ENB.PR.T

Series 1 – ENB.PR.V
Series 3 – ENB.PR.Y
Series 5 – ENB.PF.V
Series 7 – ENB.PR.J
Series 9 – ENB.PF.A
Series 11 – ENB.PF.C
Series 13 – ENB.PF.E
Series 15 – ENB.PF.G
Series 17 – ENB.PF.I
Series 19 – ENB.PF.K

DRIP Information and How to Register

Enbridge offers a dividend reinvestment and share purchase plan (DRIP) to enable holders of Enbridge common shares to acquire additional shares through re-investment of the common share dividends paid quarterly, or through optional cash payments. Dividends re-invested through Enbridge’s DRIP receive a two-percent discount on the market price of Enbridge shares, and funds are fully invested as fractional share ownership is permitted as part of the plan. DRIP participants are also eligible to purchase up to an additional $5,000 in Enbridge common shares each quarter without incurring brokerage fees; however, the two-percent discount is not available for these additional purchases. Please contact AST toll-free (North America) at 1-800-821-2794 or outside of North America at 1-416-682-3860 to request enrollment forms and for further information on Enbridge’s DRIP.


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