Agreement between Enbridge and the State of Michigan helps ‘find new way forward for Line 5'


It takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair. For Enbridge, who has been delivering energy in the State of Michigan for over 65 years, we had built a lot of trust. But an oil spill in 2010 in Marshall, and growing concerns over the state of Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac, means we have work to do and we are taking concrete action to do just that.

In an effort to learn from the past, and to move forward in rebuilding our relationship in Michigan, Enbridge and the State have entered into an agreement to find a new way forward for Line 5, one that will allow us to continue to deliver the energy Michigan needs, while at the same time ensuring peoples’ concerns are heard, and actions are taken to further protect the Great Lakes. 

“Our agreement with the State sets out seven actions that we are undertaking,” said Guy Jarvis, President, Liquids Pipelines and member of Enbridge’s Executive Leadership Team. “It outlines the actions that Enbridge—in collaboration with the State­—will take to further drive down risk in the operation of Line 5, including the assessment of options for the eventual replacement of the crossing at the Straits.”

Enbridge has been listening to the views of Michigan residents, businesses, State officials and regulators, regarding the concern over Line 5 and agrees that the Great Lakes are essential to the vitality, sustainability and economic prosperity of the region.

“Our employees live and work in Michigan. In the UP and south of the Straits. The lakes and rivers are part of the identity of all people who call Michigan home,” said Jarvis. “It’s important to be clear that Line 5 is safe, and the Straits crossing does not pose a risk to the environment in its current condition. What is equally clear is Michigan’s concern about the protection of the Great Lakes. Actions speak louder than words, and this agreement with the state will help us to earn back the trust we once had in the State of Michigan,” he added. “And that’s important to everyone at Enbridge.”