Why Invest

"Our goal is to consistently deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders alike. We’re achieving that by executing our five-year, $26 billion secured growth program, and by extending and diversifying our growth beyond 2019."

Al Monaco, President and Chief Executive Officer

Shareholder Value Proposition

"Transparent growth, reliable business model and significant dividend income create superior shareholder value."

Enbridge offers a unique value proposition that brings together a combination of highly desirable attributes, including visible growth, a reliable low-risk business model and growing dividends. We credit this unique value proposition for delivering excellent returns to shareholders year after year, and we plan to stick with our proven formula.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of our Total Shareholder Return has outperformed the TSX Composite Index and our peer average return by approximately 2% and 9% over the past 10 years, respectively.

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Why Invest CAGR

Transparent Growth

"Enbridge’s growth outlook is driven by our strong base business and our $26 billion secured growth capital program."

Enbridge’s $26B secured capital program is expected to translate into 12-14% ACFFO CAGR through 2019 and support DPS growth of 10-12% between 2016 and 2019. The projects underlying our secured capital program are commercially secured with strong commercial underpinnings that reflect our low risk business model.

Reliable Business Model

"Our comprehensive hedging program, reliable business model and strong counterparty credit profile support reliable business results."

<5% of business subject to direct commodity price exposure
95% of cash flow underpinned by strong, long term commercial constructs
95% of revenues from investment grade customer or security received***

* Earnings at risk is a statistical measure of the maximum adverse change in projected 12-month earnings that could occur as a result of movements in market prices (over a one-month holding period) with a 97.5% level of confidence

**Predominately renewable power generation projects underpinned by long-term fixed price power purchase agreements.

***Excludes EGD

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Why Invest Dividend Share

Significant Dividend Income

"Enbridge's transparent growth and reliable business model support our ability to provide our shareholders with significant dividend income while maintaining a prudent level of coverage."

In December 2015, we announced our 21st consecutive increase to our annual dividend per share. While we believe in growing our dividends per share and providing dividend income to our shareholders, we maintain strong dividend per share coverage and a prudent payout policy of 40-50% of ACFFO.