Natural gas and you

If your home uses natural gas, you also have one of these—a gas meter.

This device measures all the gas you consume, keeping track for billing purposes.

It’s also your home’s failsafe shutoff device in case of emergency—a gas technician will have to service the meter if you turn it off.

A natural gas fireplace is a great way to make a room more cozy.

With a natural gas fireplace, you don’t need to chop wood, clean chimney residue, or worry about smoldering fires left unattended.

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that homeowners spend less when they heat with natural gas.

Natural-gas-powered, on-demand hot water—otherwise known as a “tankless” system—has a number of advantages over traditional hot water heaters.

On-demand hot water is quicker and more energy efficient than a storage tank water heater. Natural Resources Canada notes that tankless systems also hold the advantage when it comes to the “second price tag,” the cost of operating a product over its lifetime.

NRCan says tankless water heaters can save at least 30 percent in energy costs compared to a conventional storage tank heater.

Natural gas: Providing a helping hand for renewable energy

Gas-fired power plants solve solar and wind’s intermittency issues, says study

Natural gas and you
This abundant, low-cost fuel plays a key role in maintaining our quality of life.

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