Top five safety tips for natural gas in your home

Natural gas is a clean, efficient fuel source for your home. Whether you use a gas-powered fireplace, on-demand water heater, clothes dryer or in the kitchen range, natural gas is a safe and effective energy source. Take a look at the tips below from Fortis BC to continue the safe use of natural gas around your home:

1. If you smell rotten eggs, go outside and call your utility provider or 911

If you hear the sound of escaping gas and smell rotten eggs, do not smoke, use your cell phone or landline, or operate electrical switches. Get outside, leave your door open and call your utility provider or 911. The rotten egg smell is actually added to natural gas so that leaks are detectable.

2. Regularly maintain your natural gas appliances

By having your natural gas appliances regularly serviced by a licensed natural gas contractor you can properly maintain them and keep them operating efficiently. Contact your natural gas provider in your state or province for list of licensed natural gas contractors.

3. Make sure you know where your natural gas shut-off valve is

Before there’s an emergency and you need to shut off your gas immediately, make sure know where the main natural gas shut off valve is located and how to use it. You may need to store a screw driver or wrench nearby to use in an emergency.

4. Install a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home

Carbon monoxide, is odorless, invisible and can seriously harm you if it builds up indoors. CO detectors look like smoke alarms and should be installed near your bedroom to alert you if CO reaches dangerous levels. Check out the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention website for more info.

5. Keep your natural gas fireplace clean and free from obstructions

Your natural gas fireplace is an appealing and comfortable way to heat a room, but remember to keep children, pets, and combustibles away from hot surfaces. Safety screens and fire-resistant hearth guards can effectively prevent accidents as well as maintaining a clean fireplace without obstructions.

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