Safe, efficient, reliable, and keeping Americans on the move

Pipelines get power to the people — everyday

Pipelines – defining our energy infrastructure from Truescape on Vimeo.

The United States boasts the largest pipeline network in the world. Over 200,000 miles of liquids pipelines move the majority of the fuels Americans use each day. Jet fuel. Ethanol. Diesel. Gasoline. Pipelines are the safest and most efficient way to move liquid energy over long distances. Watch the video above to learn more. 

Are pipelines safe?

Every transportation activity has a level of risk involved. Pipelines are considered to be a reliable and safe way to transport oil.

Test your energy IQ: which of these products are made from petroleum?

Oil and natural gas provide us with much more than fuel.

Energy Matters

In the world's conversation about energy, one point is beyond debate: Energy makes a vital contribution to people's quality of life, to society and to human progress. This is true today, and it will remain true in the future. That's why Energy Matters was created. We believe it's important to equip people with unbiased information so they may form opinions, join the conversation and feel confidence in the work and accomplishments of the energy sector. Energy Matters is an initiative that provides transparent information and perspective on energy. Here, we'll cover a range of topics: the scale of global energy; the ways energy is sourced and produced; current energy technology; forthcoming innovations; the world's future energy needs; and the sustainable sources of energy that will fill them. Because energy matters to everyone, we hope you'll rely on Energy Matters as an ongoing source of balanced information.