Enbridge's Emergency Responder Education Program


Safety and preparedness are a priority to both Enbridge and Vector Pipeline and we are proud to offer emergency responders in our counties of operation free, unlimited access to our Emergency Responder Education Program.

The content is based on “Pipeline Emergencies,” an industry-leading pipeline emergency response training program developed by the U.S. National Association of State Fire Marshals. The program also includes information specific to Enbridge pipelines and Vector Pipeline. Through the course, emergency responders will learn:

  • The basics of liquids and natural gas gathering and transmission pipeline operations
  • The potential hazards associated with the products transported by Enbridge and Vector Pipeline
  • Pipeline emergency response tactics
  • How to apply the information to real-life situations

We also offer training for 9-1-1 dispatchers and call takers on how to initiate a safe and effective response to a pipeline emergency. The training was developed in partnership with the National Emergency Number Association, and provides information on how to:

  • Recognize the warning signs of a potential pipeline emergency
  • Locate contact information for pipeline operators such as Enbridge
  • Relay information to the public and emergency responders, including what to do and not do during an emergency

The trainings are available at www.mypipelinetraining.com and can be completed in single or multiple learning sessions. A wallet card and certificate are provided upon completion of the program.

If you are not an emergency responder and you are looking for general information or would like to view the program, please contact us.

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