Social goals

Employees walking down a hall

Championing diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion drive innovation and better decisions, employee engagement and our ability to attract top talent. A workforce that better reflects our communities strengthens relationships and trust.

  • Strengthen diversity on our Board—achieve representation on the Board of 40% women and 20% from underrepresented ethnic and racial groups by 2025
  • Build an inclusive environment of talent that represents the communities we serve through achievement, by 2025, of workforce representation* of:
    • Women: 40%
    • Underrepresented ethnic and racial groups: 28%
    • People with disabilities: 6%
    • Veterans: 7%
  • Enbridge’s 2021 Equity & Inclusion Action Plan includes specific milestones for:
    • Recruitment, including diverse candidate slates, increased scholarships and internships focused on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and hiring leader training
    • Development and succession, including representation in leadership programs, sponsorship and mentorship and inclusion in succession plans
    • Unconscious bias and anti-racism training: 100% of employees and leaders complete by year-end

    Social targets

    Indigenous inclusion and success

    We are committed to Indigenous reconciliation. Our continued success relies on our ability to build and maintain relationships with Indigenous communities near where we do business.

    • Increase representation of Indigenous peoples in our workforce: In 2021, evolve our Indigenous employment strategy to achieve workforce representation* of Indigenous employees of 3.5% by the end of 2025
    • Enhance our understanding and knowledge of Indigenous culture and rights—require all new employees to complete Indigenous awareness training in 2021; target 100% completion from all employees and contractors by 2022

    Enbridge’s Indigenous Peoples Policy outlines the key principles that guide our approach to engaging with Indigenous communities that have interests in lands on which our assets are located. We take a lifecycle approach to engagement and remain deeply committed to building relationships for the long term.

    In addition to meaningful consultation practices, Enbridge engages with Indigenous communities to invest in projects and initiatives that create short and long-term economic benefits. We have begun the process of identifying and setting economic inclusion targets*, including our activities with Indigenous-owned businesses, contractors and suppliers throughout our supply chain and procurement process.

    Supplier diversity

    We recognize that a strong, diverse supplier community is essential to the resiliency and agility of our supply chain and contributes to the vitality of the communities where we live and work.

    • Advancing our supplier diversity program to increase procurement from, and number of, diverse suppliers
    • In 2021, we will:
      • Complete an inventory of current list of suppliers to confirm diverse suppliers and identify opportunities to increase spend with certified diverse businesses
      • Introduce and implement our supplier diversity policy
      • Set supplier diversity targets*

    Our goal of zero incidents

    At Enbridge, safety is our top priority and a core value that shapes decision-making all the time, at every level. We are committed to keeping the public and the environment safe, and ensuring every member of our team returns home safely at the end of every day.

    We believe all injuries, incidents and occupational illnesses are preventable and we pursue continuous improvement towards our goal of zero incidents.

    • Achieve 10% improvement over previous 3-year average Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF) rate for employees and contractors

    * With regard to diversity, the word “targets” and any percentage targets listed are aspirational goals which we intend to achieve in a manner compliant with state, local, provincial and federal law, including but not limited to U.S. federal regulations and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Department of Labor (DOL) ad Office of Federal Contract Programs (OFCCP) guidance.

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