Diversity partnerships

We partner with exceptional organizations that enable outreach and inclusion. These partnerships with external organizations ensure Enbridge is connected to diverse communities and keeps in touch with leading practices. They also help us increase representation and inclusion of traditionally marginalized groups.

Advancing all

Canadian Center for Diversity and Inclusion (Canada)
A solution designed to help employers effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. CCDI is a forward-looking organization with research and learning to help organizations be inclusive, free of prejudice and discrimination, and to generate awareness, dialogue and action.

National Diversity Council (U.S.)
A national non-profit organization that brings together private, public and non-profit sectors to discuss the many dimensions and benefits of a multicultural environment. It is currently made up of state and regional councils.

Equal by 30 (Canada)
A joint initiative by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) and International Energy Agency (IEA) that works to advance the participation of women in the clean energy to close the gender gap and achieve equal pay, equal leadership and equal opportunities for all.

An employment equity solution that uses a diverse and inclusive (D&I) outreach strategy for Canadian corporations seeking to make their employment opportunities available to qualified job seekers from all the underrepresented demographics across Canada.

Circa (formerly Local Job Network)
A catalyst for companies to build powerful, diverse teams Circa helps companies build high-performing teams with a spectrum of diversity recruitment and inclusion solutions. Promote jobs to target groups through their network of 17,500+ community organizations.


Corporate Canadian Index (CCI) for LGBT
Measures LGBT diversity and inclusion within corporate Canada.

Human Rights Campaign
Envisions a world where every member of the LGBTQ family has the freedom to live their truth without fear, and with equality under the law. They empower our 3 million members and supporters to mobilize against attacks on the most marginalized people in our community.

Out and Equal (U.S.)
An organization working exclusively on LGBTQ workplace equality. Through their worldwide programs, Fortune 500 partnerships and our annual Workplace Summit conference, they help LGBTQ people thrive and support organizations creating a culture of belonging for all.

Pride at Work (Canada)
Through dialogue, education and thought leadership, Pride at Work Canada empowers employers to build workplaces that celebrate all employees regardless of gender expression, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Learning, networking and community events happen across the country.

Ethnic and racial minorities

(members of visible minority groups and Indigenous peoples)

Anti-Defamation League (Houston chapter)
A leading anti-hate organization that fights all forms of hate by exposing extremism and delivering anti-bias education.

Association of Chinese American Professionals’ Diversity Summit (Houston)
A non-profit organization that strives to foster professional development, fellowship, leadership development and address various issues of workplace discrimination.

BDPA: Black Data Processing Associates (U.S.)
An international organization with a diverse membership of professionals and students at all levels in the fields of information technology, computer science and related STEM fields. They are the largest professional technology organization for Black and other minorities in the United States.

BPTN: Black Professionals in Tech Network (Canada)
This non-profit is bridging the network gap between Black talent and career opportunities across North America. They help Black professionals network, connect with one another, share resources and grow their careers, providing their members with access to mentorship, skill-building opportunities, and a strong peer network to support professional growth and advancement.

CPAC: Chinese Professional Association of Canada
A not-for-profit organization serving the community of internationally educated professionals, focused more and more on human rights, equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism and other issues important to Asian Canadians, with the goal of achieving the full potential of a diverse and inclusive Canadian society.

Engineering Futures: Braided Journeys (Edmonton)
A program that supports First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth to become leaders of character, vision and action through multi-component, culturally based programs that challenge their creativity, build skills and increase their support network.

HACE: Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (U.S.)
A national non-profit dedicated to the employment, development, and advancement of Latino professionals through professional development, resources and networks, and by facilitating access to meaningful career opportunities.

Hispanotech (Canada)
This volunteer led and run not-for profit corporation focuses on their mission to help Latin American STEM professionals to integrate and advance their careers in Canada.

NAAAP is a volunteer-run non-profit that inspires, develops, and connects leaders across industries and communities through networking and educational events, trainings, community service programs, and celebrations of Asian American excellence.

National Association of Black Accountants (Houston)
A national association that creates opportunities for African-Americans in accounting and finance to build leaders that shape the future of the profession.

This organization creates Indigenous and women-owned recruitment and contractor management ventures that reinvest in local Nations. StreamSource equips Indigenous people with jobs, opportunities and facilitate training in diverse sectors of the economy.

Edmonton Region Immigration Employment Council (ERIEC)
Helps skilled immigrants integrate into the Edmonton regional labor market through mentorship and networking programs.


ALLY Energy (U.S.)
A global organization that fosters education through experiences, promotes inclusion and helps members build communities.

30% Club
Partner organizations are committed to gender balance on boards and in senior management to encourage better leadership and governance, and better board performance.

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index
Companies named to the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index have demonstrated transparency in gender reporting and advancing women’s equality in the workplace—voluntarily disclosing company information, policies, and community outreach efforts as part of the reporting process.

Catalyst (U.S. and Canada)
A global nonprofit that builds workplaces that work for women by helping organizations accelerate progress through pioneering research, practical tools and proven solutions to remove barriers and drive change. Catalyst runs the MARC (Men Advocating for Real Change) workshops for senior leaders to reduce unconscious bias and address workplace issues at the intersection of gender, race, and ethnicity.

People with disabilities

DisabilityIN (U.S.)
A non-profit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide with a network of over 400 corporations that expands opportunities for people with disabilities across enterprises.

EmployAbilities (Edmonton)
Enbridge regularly partners with EmployAbilities to create work experience employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. In 2018, Enbridge provided four students with work experience and hired two after the program.

Inclusion Alberta
A family-based non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

Pan Disability Connection (Edmonton)
Enbridge is a founding member of the Pan Disability Connection which brings together service providers and employers to address employment for persons with disabilities. The role of this committee is to provide a coordinated platform for these groups to meet, discuss challenges and solutions, and ultimately create collaborative actions that will lead to employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Prospect Human Services (Calgary)
An organization offering programs and services that break down barriers preventing people with disabilities from finding meaningful work. Prospect promotes change within employment environments by designing solutions that bring out the best in individuals and employers. As part of Disabilities Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), Enbridge holds an awareness session with Prospect Human Services.

Specialisterne (North America)
Their name translates from Danish as “The Specialists” – they are a socially innovative company where the majority of employees have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. They help companies find and hire neurodiverse individuals, as well as provide training for employees and hiring leader support throughout and after hire.


Combined Arms (U.S.)
This organization exists to accelerate the transition from military to civilian life. The faster veterans integrate into our community, the faster we are able to harness their passions and skills to make an impact in our organization.

Next Op (U.S.)
A nonprofit group that helps Veterans translate their military training into successful civilian careers through resume support, career coaching, and employer education.

Treble Victor (Ontario)
A not-for-profit established to enable ex-military personnel to achieve their full potential in post-service careers.

USO: United Service Organizations (U.S.)
This organization supports America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their service to the nation, and with transition services after their service has concluded. Their free, interactive mentoring platform is easy to use on your own time.

Women Veterans Alliance (U.S.)
The premier national network focused on directly impacting the quality of life of women veterans. They do this by transforming the way the community networks to bring people and programs directly together through a reliable and resourceful platform.


Build a Dream (Ontario)
This national non-profit delivers specialized programs to encourage and empower women students to explore careers where women are under-represented, while also working to create a gender-balanced workforce, and change global perspectives on women’s contribution to society.

BWISE: Black Women in Science and Engineering (U.S.)
A national non-profit that empowers black women through career and entrepreneurial development, insight and training., providing a significant impact to the diversity of the STEM pipeline, both corporate and academic, from beginning to end.

CCWEST (North America)
A voluntary, non-profit national coalition that advocates for a diverse and inclusive Science, Engineering, Trades, and Technology (SETT) workforce. The group runs our Women's Development Program and holds conferences for professional development and networking.

Women Building Futures (Alberta)
A non-profit organization based in Edmonton, Alberta, they offer programs and support services to help unemployed and underemployed women explore and connect to careers that pay above a living wage. They help remove common barriers to financial independence including employment training, access to affordable housing, academic readiness, access to affordable childcare and more.

Women Tech Network (Global)
Global organization enabling women's empowerment in technology through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship and networking events for professionals.