Vibrant Communities

Vibrant communities are places that offer opportunities for every citizen. Opportunities to be enriched by cultural experiences, and opportunities to learn, grow and lead.

Enbridge Fueling Futures supports programs and projects that are inclusive, future thinking and help bring out the best in people. Our investments focus on:

  • Empowering people to achieve their full potential – programs and projects that are inclusive, build capacity and support people in their time of need, helping them to achieve their full potential.
  • Building potential in youth – youth initiatives and programs that empower young people and are focused on education, leadership, life skills and capacity development.
  • Celebrating culture and community – initiatives and programs that enable communities to celebrate culture, tradition, arts, and community.
  • Honoring Indigenous Peoples and Cultures – initiatives and programs that recognize Enbridge’s role in reconciliation and support the sharing and preservation of cultural customs and traditions.

We are partners in building vibrant communities, and we actively collaborate with community leaders to identify and develop solutions for local issues.

Visit our interactive community investment map for a sampling of the donations we made in 2022 to organizations near our pipelines, facilities and distribution systems.